Das Solarplexuschakra – Das 3. der sieben Hauptchakren
Oktober 3, 2020
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Oktober 18, 2020

The solar plexus chakra – The 3rd of the seven main chakras

Dear readers,

today I want to write you more details about the solar plexus chakra.

Most of us have blockades in this area.

With some people it is too weak, and they always draw the short straw in discussions or give too much energy to their environment, which can lead to massive states of exhaustion. In others, the ego takes over and they are constantly brushed for riot, as they are in permanent defense or combat mode. This can end in a constant conflict that one has with oneself or with one’s fellow human beings. Both examples are permanently unhealthy, exhausting and make you unhappy. If you are looking for your inner peace, you should deal extensively with your 3rd chakra.

The solar plexus chakra is our personal power plant. Here are the topics power, will and assertiveness.

If it is in balance, we feel strong, safe and energetic and have a healthy demarcation to everything that is not good for us. We know our strengths and weaknesses, are able to criticize to an appropriate degree and can also defend our opinion and position. We have a healthy self-esteem and are also capable of self-reflection and self-discipline.

A person with activated solar plexus chakra has realistic ideas about his abilities. Intellect and emotions are in harmonious balance. Old anger has been worked on and transformed, providing inner peace.

It is located in the upper abdomen in the area of the solar plexus, between the lower part of the costal arches. The chakra shines in a bright yellow when healed.

It processes the information of the mental and emotional area (experiences and feelings) and is regarded as our energetic protective shield.

If you want to come and stay in your power, you absolutely need a strong solar plexus chakra.

The personality, the unconscious mind and wisdom are closely connected to this chakra. It develops at the age of 5 – 12 years. Emotional or sexual abuse at this age leaves a great damage in the maturation of a healthy solar plexus chakra. In addition to psychological support, the chakra should also be strengthened and de-stressed.

When you have blockages in this area, then you are in imbalance with the issues of personal power and will. Either you give your power quickly to third parties or you abuse power for your own benefit. Also constant loss of energy and bad demarcation is the subject of a weakened third chakra.

The topics of this energy center (synonym for chakra) are: Power & energy, anger, aggression, ego, power, will, identity, control, assertiveness, dissociation, natural authority, criticism or fear of criticism, fear of failure, balance but also intuition.

An example from the practice:

A client of mine had big problems in her job. Often, she broke down in discussions with her male colleagues and found it difficult to achieve her goals accordingly. During the discussion round she felt weak inside, let herself be manipulated in her opinion and was unable to enforce her well-prepared points. These are signs of a weakened solar plexus chakra. Her inner protective shield is defective. When under pressure she becomes weak and this drains her energy. She becomes manipulable, insecure and loses focus. This can be compared to an energetic attack. My client came to me with the goal of being able to assert herself better in a pending important meeting.

I brought her into energetic balance, cleansed and activated her chakras. The focus of our work was her solar plexus and strengthening her inner protective shield. Sometime later I got a call from her. The meeting went completely different than before. She reached her goal and was able to assert herself better in the conference. She did not let herself get cornered any more. She remained strong, focused and was more relaxed inside. What she also noticed was, that she generally has more energy and is less exhausted.

Self-healing tips:

Healing stone therapy for the solar plexus chakra: Citrine (preferably natural citrine), tiger eye, yellow tourmaline, amber, yellow calcite. These stones can be worn around the neck. As an alternative, smaller drum stones can also be temporarily glued directly onto the solar plexus chakra with a plaster.

Supporting aromatherapy: Lemon, fennel, grapefruit, chamomile, rosemary, balm, benzoin, cistus

Color therapy – yellow/gold: Wearing yellow clothes strengthens the solar plexus.

Singing / vibration therapy: Singing a deep „O“. Concentrate on your solar plexus and feel the vibration. Repeat this exercise 9 times in a row.

I appreciate your feedback and questions. Write me at Nadine.Barthel@nergizeyourself.com

Best regards,

Your Nadine

(NERGIZE Yourself)

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