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August 20, 2020
The power of affirmations
September 7, 2020

My first post

My dear readers,

in my first article I would like to give you a short overview about me and my focus topics.

Since my earliest childhood I can perceive, transform and raise energies. I perceive things that the majority of humanity is not yet able to perceive or they do not know that they perceive.

This is a gift, which is sometimes not so easily conveyed. At the moment there are still some skeptics on the subject. But fortunately, humanity is opening up more and more to the invisible forces. Many of my clients have already had paranormal experiences that they cannot explain. This makes them curious for more.

In my practice in Berlin I treat my clients on an energetic & spiritual level. This includes classical coaching, shamanic soul healing and also the fine-tuning of the energy system. I clean the aura and the chakras, activate them and raise the energy field into higher vibrational frequencies. This leads to significantly more power. My treatments also work via video technology and telephone.

Furthermore, I am an energetic Feng Shui consultant. My specialty is energetic electro smog suppression and the creation of individual oases of well-being, which really deserves the name Home.

My main job is a very down to earth job. I have been working successfully in sales in the IT industry for 17 years.

You’re asking yourself how to reconcile that?

Let’s put it this way:

On the one hand I am a deeply spiritual and at the same time down-to-earth person. I have created a good balance between both worlds within me, which helps me a lot in life.

I can translate my energetic knowledge in such a way that I can also be a good coach and companion for non-spiritual people.

I believe in reincarnation and that each of us carries an immortal soul within us. In our many lives only the solid body, our outer shell, decays. The soul lives eternally and develops further in its many incarnations. Wherever it is in this incredibly large universe.

The aim of the soul is to develop further and at some point to merge completely into its light.

I am convinced that each of us possesses great powers with which we can steer and influence our whole life. These forces are not in the muscles and legs, but in the mind and in our energy centers (chakras).

What each of us does, consciously or unconsciously, all the time, is create our own life. Our thoughts are powerful. With them we can draw positive or even painful experiences into our lives. Depending on what we concentrate and focus on. Therefore, I can only recommend everyone to think carefully about which emotions he/she wants to focus on permanently.

Always remember: Your thoughts can be fulfilled. In the positive as well as in the painful way (= law of attraction).

In future contributions I will tell you how you can enrich your life with more love, inner peace and abundance.

For many years I have been dealing with the energy field (= aura) of people and the effect of energies on our lives.

The more we release blockades from our field, the more we come into our original power and ease.

Blockages complicate our system and make us unfree and unhappy. Since everything around us consists of energy, including our body, it makes sense to deal with energies in order to be able to influence them accordingly. Our aura can absorb foreign energies, and this often brings us out of balance. We begin to perceive and feel emotions that do not belong to us. We carry foreign energies around with us, which make us tired and heavy. How you can free yourself from this, I explain in one of my blog posts.

The aura is our invisible, subtle protective shield. It consists of several layers.

There are also chakras, our energy centers. The 7 main chakras and some minor chakras are located in our solid body. But there are also chakras outside our body. An example is the 8th chakra, what you can use for „channeling“. 

The 7 main chakras are: Root chakra (1), sacral chakra (2), solaplexus chakra (3), heart chakra (4), throat chakra (5), forehead chakra (6), crown chakra (7).

If you want to achieve a lasting change in behavior, it is worthwhile to study the power and function of the chakras. For example, if you would like to achieve better assertiveness (solar plexus chakra) and more clarity (throat chakra), you should definitely study the next articles.

Best wishes,

Your Nadine

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