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August 20, 2020
Die Kraft von Affirmationen
September 7, 2020

The power of affirmations

Dear reader,

I would like to share my favorite affirmation with you today.

It is from me and gives me a lot of strength and joy every day.

“Every day I gain strength and positive energy.”

The right affirmations for us are not only brightening our minds, but also reprogramming our subconscious. When our subconscious is reprogrammed to something positive, a change occurs inside. We develop a new more positive attitude. This goes so far that even our body and our energy system is strengthened.

When the affirmation resonates with our heart, we feel joy or some kind of happiness when we recite it. This state causes something magical.

You have surely heard of the law of attraction or the wisdom „As inside, so outside! This law says that positive thoughts attract positive things and negative thoughts unfortunately also attract negative things. So, if we program our subconscious positively every day anew and we start to feel better and better through this, then more and more positive things will happen in our life. The law even goes so far that with a lot of practice we can achieve that our heart’s desires become reality. But for this we need a very deep happy resonance within ourselves and a strong energy system.

Joy, love and gratitude are real fulfillment boosters. I will report more about this in a separate article. 

Finally, I share another powerful affirmation with you. I found it in a very old book and have already tested it several times or had it successfully tested by my clients:

„Every day and in every respect, it is getting better and better.“

Another version is: “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.”

What does this saying tell us?

No matter what we refer to it, it leads to an increase of the positive. It leads to a constant improvement. I still combine it with a theme.


o Every day and in every respect, my life is getting better and better.

o Every day and in every respect, my well-being is getting better and better.

o Every day, in every way, my financial situation is getting better and better.

Important is the daily repetition. I speak my affirmations 9 times in a row, 2-3 times a day. But there are no limits here.

The best times for this are in the morning right after getting up and in the evening just before falling asleep. That is when our subconscious is most receptive. You can also speak the affirmations on your cell phone and listen to the recording to fall asleep or while doing sports (e.g. jogging).

Changes always take time, especially if it is a deeply rooted topic of yours. Be patient, it can take weeks or even months before noticeable changes show up. But it is worth it.

It has proven to be a good idea to record your daily progress in a diary.

Follow your heart when choosing the right affirmations. In order to have an effect, it needs a resonance within you.

I wish you much success and all the best with your daily affirmations.

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Best regards,


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