Das Hals Chakra – Das 5. der sieben Hauptchakren
September 22, 2020
Das Solarplexuschakra – Das 3. der sieben Hauptchakren
Oktober 3, 2020

The throat chakra – the 5th of the seven main chakras

I would like to start my chakra teaching with the 5th chakra, because in my work with clients I realize how important its function is in the present time. 

Most people have massive blockages in their throat and are therefore constantly searching for their path and for more clarity.

Clarity is an important asset in these times of change. Through the Corona crisis people are now beginning to question even more what they have done in their lives so far and are looking for new ways for themselves. For this we need clarity, one of the main themes of the 5th Chakra. 

Our throat chakra is our communication center. It is located at the larynx. When it is open and healed, it shines in a bright blue and can expand many times. The expansion increases the power of the chakra. It develops between the ages of 16 and 21. If massive disturbances occur during this time, it can lead to deep blockages.

The throat chakra allows us to recognize our truth and then to communicate and live it clearly. This is where authenticity sits. No more „messing around“, no more bragging, no more embellishing or playing down. We get to the point and quickly find the right words. 

With an open throat chakra we speak our truth freely, are clear in what we do and get to the point unerringly. We can communicate clearly, show our feelings openly and we do not shy away from a dispute when it comes to standing up for ourselves and our rights. By the way, communication does not only mean articulating with words, but also body language with facial expressions and gestures and creative self-expression through art, dance and singing, for example.

The throat chakra is therefore also the seat of creativity and the connection to higher wisdom. 

The throat chakra is also the access to our intuition, manifestation and the subtle level. For spiritual people it is therefore an important center for establishing direct communication with the spiritual guide.

Most people have massive disturbances and blockages in the throat chakra. Especially women, who as girls always had to be sweet and nice and have learned to please everybody. In some households the rule still applies: „Speak only when you are asked“ or „Talk is silver, silence is gold!“

These sayings are certainly useful if you want to get as much information as possible from your counterpart. But if you are silent too many times, you won‘t achieve what you want. Also, to move and change things is difficult without words. Let us therefore agree on a healthy mediocrity. If you want to assert yourself, you need clear words (throat chakra) and steadfastness (root- & solar plexus chakra).

In creative as well as communicative professions (in media professions, sales, designers, artists, lawyers, writers, coaches, teachers, speakers etc.) a well-functioning throat chakra is of great importance. Here creativity and communication play a decisive role.

In the case of permanent blockages, the thyroid gland is often the one that suffers, i.e. in the long term, an underactive thyroid gland can develop.

When I open this chakra for my clients and fully activate it, there are many positive things to tell in the next appointment. They are often able to express themselves better, communicate clearly and are not afraid to speak their mind openly. More clarity is also another nice side effect. 

In the following section I would like to introduce you to techniques for self-healing of the throat chakra. I am a big fan of crystal healing. Crystals are large storage media that can be programmed wonderfully. Furthermore, they have an energetic basic vibration, which is suitable for the gentle dissolving of blockades. The following crystals can be worn around the neck to support the healing of the throat chakra: Chalcedony, Celestine, Turquoise, Aquamarine, Apatite, Disthene, Dumortierite, Lapis lazuli and Larimar. If you are interested in clarity, you are also well advised to wear a clear rock crystal. Please clean the crystals under running water before use. You can also smudge your stones with white sage. White sage releases foreign energies from people, rooms and objects. (Please do not smudge pets.) To recharge crystals with energy, place them for a short time (with a few exceptions) in the soft morning sun. 

The cleaned stones can then be taken into the hand and programmed with the help of visualization and mind power. You imagine that the stone helps you to activate your throat chakra. You send this thought into the stone. Now it is ready for its work.

Colors are also energetic vibrations. A lighter blue is suitable to support the neck. I recommend wearing appropriate clothing regularly, such as a blue scarf.

The most effective way of cleansing and activating the neck is chakra meditation or a visit to a trained energetic practitioner. In my work I not only cleanse the chakras to their deepest essence, but also activate them and raise them to higher vibrational frequencies for my clients. This is a real energy booster and leads quickly to healing on all levels. I receive my clients in my office in Berlin or remotely via telephone/video technology.

I am happy to receive feedback and questions.

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